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About Us

Working with us

Royal Video Marketing  is set up as a one-stop creative production facility, specialized in video production. Our skills, experience and technology carry out your every communications need.

Talent and energy are what forms the core of our business. Our team is composed of experienced film  producers and web developers.

We bring your business to life!

We will make you unique, tailored video content that will send the right message to the right audience at the right time. You will always convey the idea of ​​a quality brand and be able to attract more customers through an engaging video.

Primary costumers

80% of our costumers are Small hotels, Guest Houses and B&Bs. We help Travel & Tourism companies market their services more successfully on the Internet. 90% of our costumers recovered their investments nearly in the same week after ordering our services.

Our Team


Bernardo Alves

Engineer, Company Manager, Entrepreneur, Marketeer and Web-designer, 6 years of experience, 27 years old.

pedro ribeiro

Pedro Ribeiro

Marketeer, Merchandiser, Film Producer, Music producer, Entrepreneur, 7 years of experience, 26 years old.

Be aware of this Facts

  • Now more then ever, video is becoming the most successful way of engaging new customers.  Video content pushes your website up the Google rankings and several Companies haven seen Viral video marketing campaigns increasing click through rates by 750%.
  • About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video.
  • YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands. Why won´t other business owners do the same?

Just for a term of comparison, over 15 million people in the UK are going to watch 200 million videos today.

Make yours one of them. With our background in marketing, filming, webdesign, social media, business and psychology let us make you a video to showcase your BUSINESS, brand, product, or event.

We won’t just give you a great video, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you want and what you’re trying to achieve. We do stylish, we do edgy, we do classic, we do funny, we do intriguing but whatever the style and whatever the video, we do effective.

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